Can You Create Wealth Using Debt?

May 3, 2021
Flash Financial Guide

In a nutshell, the answer is YES. You most certainly will. It all depends on the type of debt, how wise you are with the money you lent, and how vigilant you are in repaying it. So, if the debt can be used to create wealth, how do I go about doing so?

To begin, you should be aware of the two forms of debt: good debt and bad debt. A good loan is one that has a low-interest rate that is used to increase the value in the long run. Poor debt, on the other hand, has exorbitant interest rates and depreciates rapidly in value. Student loans and small business loans are examples of healthy debt. Payday loans and credit card debt are examples of bad debt.

So, if you really want to start making a lot of money with loan money, make sure it’s the right kind of debt. The part is straightforward. Let us now move on to the hows.

Start with small business loans and the principle of leverage. You can get a small business loan to help you grow your company. The more you invest in yourself and your business, the more likely it is that your income will increase. You may use your small business loan to boost your inventory or to add a new branch of service to those you already have. It is a smart idea to use loan money as financial leverage to boost your cash flow. If you don’t already have a business, you can always take out a small personal loan and start one, or invest in educating yourself about a specific business or ability. The more you believe in yourself, the more valuable you will become.


But what if you’re still in debt? Will this have an effect on your ability to accumulate capital through debt? It would, but maybe not to the extent you would expect. For example, suppose you have many credit card debts that are increasing month after month. You’re struggling to make even the smallest payments, and accumulating wealth is starting to seem like a pipe dream. You could pursue debt restructuring. This consolidates all of your debt into a single large debt with a lower interest rate. This way, you don’t owe different sums of debt to different banks at different interest rates.

To be able to accumulate wealth, whether using debt or not, the first move is to get rid of or control your bad debt. If you’ve sorted that out, you can start accumulating wealth. It is important to note to live within your means at all times. And the basic math of earning more than you spend should still be something you live by.

This brings us to the next point: cut your living expenses. The greater the disparity between your expenses and your profits, the more money you have to spend. And maybe the best piece of financial advice is this: always pay your debt on time, and if at all necessary, pay in full.

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